Labour Hire Business Plan Sample

Labour hire business plan sample – do they vary by State?  

Yes, is the short answer to this question. I get asked this a couple of times each month when clients call me out to enquire about me writing them a labour hire Business Plan. At the moment, around Australia, there are different requirements by State. Any good Business Plan sample or template will factor this in, and a professional Business Plan Writer will also have this information.  

This is not a huge concern, and please do not be tempted to listen to any organisations on the web that pretend this is very complex – it is not, but you do need to do your due diligence if your plan is to work off a sample or an example of a business plan, and not use a professional. Here are a few things for you to look out for:  

  1. Does the State even have a requirement for a Business Plan or a labour hire organisation? Not all do. 
  1. Is the level of detail around certificates, licences, and registrations for other parts of your business (that is not just the labour hire bit) different from State to State? Yes, it is, so, if for example, you are going national with your business, make sure you do that exercise and get all of those licences, certificates and registrations for each State and pop them in your Business Plan.  
  1. If you are focussing on one State, one industry type, one job type or one profession – then of course a sample Business Plan will not work – unless you have been freakishly lucky enough for the writer to have included your industry, geographic area, profession, or job type in their sample 😊. 

So where a sample, or an example Business Plan for labour hire is really useful is in telling you what you should expect, or if you are working on it yourself, what you should be focussing on at a local level – because this is where most of the variations occur. At the risk of being alarmist or patronising, please don’t be tempted to copy a sample or example labour hire Business Plan, just in case you miss some specific detail that is not relevant to your industry, profession, State or business idea.  

It is always better to just use a template, or a professional Business Plan Writer and start from scratch – you are unique, your idea is unique, your mission and vision is unique – a good process for writing your Plan, such as the one I use, will bring all of that out and put you in your best light for the local State accreditation departments.  

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