FAQs on Small Business Plans

Can you write my plan urgently?

Absolutely,  and each week we create at least two or three Plans urgently for clients who are on tight deadlines.

We offer three levels of urgent, express services:

You can opt for one of these or just the standard 7-10 day turnaround at checkout. 

(fee applies for express services)

How long does it normally take?

It usually takes 7-10 days to get your professional comprehensive Plan to you.  During that time, I and my team will chat to you for 45 mins by on-line meeting, then go away and gather all the information you need (research, finances, etc), then send you a Version to review, have a second on-line meeting with you, and make any changes you need and send you a second/final version.

I don’t have any information; how much do I need to give you?

Very little, we have data, research, financial benchmarks, and metrics for nearly all types of businesses. Our own database has hundreds of datasets and using our 20 years of experience, we use the best information available for your Plan. We subscribe to the leading on-line (paid) research sources. You don’t need any information at all, beyond giving us an idea of what your business is, where it’s going to be located (online or bricks and mortar).

It’s our job to help you – not yours to help us 😊

Are your plans all inclusive and comprehensive? Are there any hidden extras?

Yes, when we start work, we will ask you what you need the Plan for if you have not already told us, or if you have not bought a specific type of Plan. We then make sure every page, table, financial report, policy, licence, chart etc is included for your Plan’s purposes. And we also have at least two on line meetings with you, or more if you need them, while we are researching and writing your Plan. There are no hidden extras.

Do I need a short, medium, or long Plan?

It depends on what the business plan is needed for. Once we have chatted, we can tell you whether you need a short, medium, long or very long Plan. These four lengths of Plan take our team either 8, 10, 12, or 14 hours to research, write, format, produce. (That is why some of our Plans are more expensive than others).

If in doubt, we just start with the shortest, lowest cost Plan. Our Plans are 100% editable – you can always add to your Plan later if you need to.

Do you do plans for …?

We have written Business Plans for 20 years, and in that time worked in nearly every category and company type in Australia. We have written plans for banks, leases, franchises, grants, aged care, child care, café and restaurant, fitness and wellness, food manufacturing and distribution, hair and beauty, hotels and licensed premises, labour hire, migration, and Visa, NEIS, property development, builder and construction, registered training organisations, start-up businesses, and tech business plans.

We have the client names, Google reviews, and other testimonials to prove this. Just contact us and we will happily provide recent references.

Have you written a Business Plan for my industry?

There are only a tiny number of industries we have not written a plan for.

I’ve started a Plan. Will you take it over? I’m not sure it’s any good or I can’t finish it?

We’re here to help, and we help you wherever you are in your journey. If you are really happy with your Plan and just need it to be edited and proofread, we can do that for a fraction of the price that you would pay for a full plan.

Or, if you have got halfway there and are stuck on, say, the financials or the market research, or even the marketing strategy, we can take over halfway or two thirds of the way through the process. We adjust prices accordingly, and do not charge you the full fee.

How much is it, and how do I know I’m not paying too much?

A great question – and one that nearly everyone should ask when they start thinking about hiring a Business Plan Consultant. We base our prices on the hours it takes to write the four most common lengths of Plan. These four lengths are short, medium, long, and very long. These Plans therefore take either 8, 10, 12 or 14 hours to research, write, format, and produce. (Because we have written so many Plans, we know how long typically they take).

Sometimes your Plan may be more complex than that, and we lose a bit of margin or sometimes we lose money! We have an hourly rate and we apply that to your quote but are completely transparent in our pricing. Click here to go to the pricing page.

How long will it take you to write my Business Plan?

If you would like to take your time, and chat to us a few times throughout the process, or participate in the process with us, please allow 10 days. If not, we deliver in 7 days. We ask that you make sure that you’re available throughout the process from time to time by email or text to chat to us if we have any questions.

We provide your Business Plan quicker than some of our competitors for three reasons:

  • We have all of the data and metrics available to us for every sector in Australia – we subscribe to and are online to major sources of information.
  • We have a small team of specialists who have worked on your sector, business type, and type of plan before.
  • We’re professionals. We do this for a living. Just like serving a cup of coffee or producing a brilliant website – we do it all the time, and so we are quick at it.

What happens if I’m unhappy?

Our Business Plans are 100% guaranteed. It’s our job to make sure you are satisfied – if you went into a shop and bought something, you have an expectation of being satisfied and they should know how to meet your expectations. We are no different. If for some reason you are still unhappy after bringing us your concerns and listening to our suggestions to resolve these, we will refund your money.