Fitness & Wellness Business Plan

fitness business plan

One out of every 25 Plans we do are for Fitness & Wellness.

Since Covid-19, many of my personal trainer and gym clients have moved their businesses to outdoors – and the savvier ones have thrived. They have used their Business Plans to help them with buying more gym equipment, or a vehicle, moving from a large gym to a smaller studio, and expanding into allied health services such as Yoga and Pilates.

Clients often ask us: what do I need to know before starting a personal training business?

The critical success factors are understanding the local suburb geography and demographics to offer their services to the right people in the right place, leveraging their profitability through small group training sessions, and competing with the giants such as Fitness First to F45. Because this is very competitive, many of our clients have asked us to help them with expanded marketing services by providing more strategic and technical marketing plans.
All of these and more are in our Fitness and Wellness Business Plans.



One more thing

If you are worried about the resources required to plan, prepare and launch a personal training business – getting us to help you write a business plan it’s a great first step.

Our Marketing Business Plan expert gets very involved with Fitness Business Plans. He helps our clients understand client relationship management – and the magic 60-25-10-5 numbers. These are that 60% of your business in the future will come from existing clients repeating, 25% from referrals, 10% from new business (yes, the stuff that you waste all your time on trying to get sometimes), and 5% from nobody really knows where. This does seem counter-intuitive doesn’t it because we put so much focus on SEO, Google, advertising, and promotion. There is a reason for that, and we take you through it when we help you with your Plan.

Amada Medenilla
Amada Medenilla
David is amazing. The 48 pages business plan he and his team has prepared for my labour hire business is impressive. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a business plan. He is very organized and easy to do business with. He is very accommodating and respond quickly to all my queries via email or phone.
Levi Nyabaro
Levi Nyabaro
Always on time and keen to detail. Very ready to listen and work as per your requirements. I recommend.
Rob Dobin
Rob Dobin
David experience and knowledge produced a clear and concise business plan that ticks all the boxes. David was extremally professional , took the time to walk me through the plan, and left me confident to start the implementation. Thank you David.
Romana - Katarina Čičko
Romana - Katarina Čičko
I had the pleasure of working with David - an incredibly knowledgeable and efficient professional who helped me craft my business plan. Their expertise shone through as they provided detailed and effective guidance. What stood out was not only their expertise but also their excellent customer service. They were prompt in their responses and happy to share their knowledge, making the entire process smooth and easy. Working with them was a delightful experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch business support.
Angryface Transport
Angryface Transport
Very easy to do business with. Easy going, knowledgeable and professional report at the end.
Emaid Mustapha
Emaid Mustapha
I would like to thank SBP by Assent, David completed my company's business. It was great working with him as he was happy to answer any queries I had and very thorough explanations. It's a pleasure dealing with you and will highly recommend your services to others.
Alana Care Support Services
Alana Care Support Services
very good services.
Leila Nassutti
Leila Nassutti
Excellent work , very nice person and responsable . 100 % recommended
Junior Dzoma
Junior Dzoma
David was so professional and easy to work with. He produced a well-documented Business Plan for my business. It was well presented. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in future. Loved your work.
christine bosire
christine bosire
It was great working with David and his Team, they had great wealth of knowledge, easy to connect with and developed an amazing Business Plan for us and were prompt with communication and also advice. Very happy with their service and highly recommend them.

Frequently asked questions about this Plan:

What is the total number of pages in this plan?

46 pages

What does your Fitness & Wellness business plan include?

Six sections

  1. Executive Summary (4) pages
  2. Operations (4 pages)
  3. Market Research and analysis (up to 8 pages)
  4. Human Resources (3 pages)
  5. Financials (13 pages)
    • Assumptions
    • Sales / Revenue Forecast, 1 year
    • Profit & Loss Statement by month, 1 year
    • Balance Sheet by month, 1 year
    • Break Even, Cash Flow Forecast by month, 1 year
  6. Marketing Strategy and Top Line Budget (4 pages)
  7. Appendices (4 pages)

Also includes: (up to another 4 pages)

  • Additional financials
    • Profit & Loss Statement by month, 3 years
    • Balance Sheet by month, 3 years
    • Break Even, Cash Flow Forecast by month, 3 years
  • Alternative “What if” Scenario Modelling
  • A 45-60 minute chat after you get your first of the two versions we will provide included in our fee

Do you have a Fitness & Wellness Business Plan example or a Plan sample?

We do – because we’ve written dozens of them. Click here or see our Additional resources for sample Plan and more help for you.

What is the cost of a Fitness & Wellness Business Plan?



Why is your Business Plan lower priced and has more pages in it than others?

We specialise in Business Plans in the fitness industry so our team can work quickly because it has all the expected costs and expenses, ATO benchmarks, customer demand data and other info ready to analyse and put into your Plan. We subscribe to market research, so it’s provided to us in the right format for your local areas/market conditions for your Plan.

How many hours do you spend on my Plan?

12 hours

What if I am not satisfied?

All our Plans are Guaranteed

TWO versions. One is for you to read, ask questions, and ask for changes, and the second version is the one for you to take to your Auditor

Need it yesterday? Add Express Service!

  • 72 Hour Express Service $145
  • 48 Hour Express Service $255

    Includes weekends!

All of our plans are satisfaction guaranteed.

If you are in anyway unsatisfied, please let us know and we will do whatever it takes to get you the plan you need.


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