Need more help with your business?

Special Deal for Previous Clients

It’s been a while since I last helped you with a Business Plan. I wanted to let you know I am very much still here to help and give you a thanks for being a client! Maybe, you’re up and running really well with your Business, still in the planning stages, or a bit stuck and just need a chat.

Either way, I have some special offers for you:

NO CHARGE $115 one-hour coaching session

On demand, online by Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or phone, at a date and time that suits you.

$115 voucher

Off the price of your next Business Plan. My Business Plans are very competitively priced already so this extra $115 should really help you on your entrepreneur’s journey.

A $115 off voucher for a friend, partner or family member

You can transfer to a friend, colleague, or partner and they can use it for a one-hour coaching session, or a discount off my already great value Business Plan.

Get your voucher now!

So what's the catch?

Well, there is a tiny catch 😉

Google has tightened up its Google review policies a lot – to stop fake reviews. So, I need Google reviews – not just the very kind Airtasker review you left for me which I again thank you for. Once you download or use your voucher I will send you a Google Review request.


Yes, at the end of March 2024

Yes, one of the vouchers is transferable.

We give you a voucher code to type in at checkout when you buy either the one-hour coaching session or the Business Plan.

No, just the one, this time.